Below are the areas of financial support that are much needed.

Brad & Cheryl Marcum

My intention is to raise committed monthly support to cover traveling expenses, lodging, interpreters and personal expenses. The hope is to commit to this full-time and to cover the wages from my current employment.

Your support helps pay for education, training, travel, and expenses associated with that. Thank you for your financial support and much needed prayer. Your monthly support fuels this mission and is vital for its success.

When you navigate to our giving page on Sheltering Wings’ site, be sure to select the frequency you wish to implement in your giving. Thank you in advanced for your support in the work the Marcum’s have before them!

Sheltering Wings

To sponsor a pastor, I am partnering with Sheltering Wings and asking for 40 sponsors who will either give a one time $1600 gift to cover 4 years of Bible college or who will commit to $35 a month for 4 years to pay for their education. The $400 a year covers tuition and it also provides the seed for the pastor to raise his crop to feed himself and his family while he attends school. Upon registering with the Bible college, he will often be assigned a congregation and each weekend he will travel there to preach and it is there that he will plant his crop. In most cases, he will already be married and likely to have children. His family will live at the church and help care for the crop while he attends school. If you choose to support a pastor, you will receive his contact information and build a relationship with him and his family or we can provide you with information concerning whoever you are supporting.

Sheltering Wings sponsors Ruth Cox and Linda Wilk as missionaries who run our programs in West Africa. Ruth is the founder of Sheltering Wings and a board member. Ruth and Linda oversee several educational, medical and spiritual programs in their region.

I Will Build My Church

Book by Brad Marcum

We are offering a free physical copy to individuals who sign up as monthly donors.

Brad Marcum has over 40 years of experience in pastoring, missionary work, and church planting. In his first book “I Will Build My Church,” he lays out his vision for biblical church building based on his experience and deep study of the scripture. You can find and purchase the book on Amazon.