Directed by the Lord, my team will be traveling out of the country 3-4 times a year to different developing nations for different lengths of time. The primary goal of these trips are to encourage churches and raise up pastors by providing pastoral training. These areas of the world have increasing numbers of believers, but are often short of pastors to care for the flock. The Lord has given me a grace to bring encouragement to this area of need. I am passionate about the kingdom of God, especially in hard to reach nations of the world such as Western Africa, Turkey, and the Balkans. I also have a deep passion to help pastors and churches growing congregations.

I very much need you to be praying for me to have continuing grace, finances and protection. Some of these places are dangerous to travel and some of them are places where the government has been forcing missionaries to leave. Right now, there is a window of opportunity for me to get into some of the place’s others cannot go.

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I Will Build My Church

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Brad Marcum has over 40 years of experience in pastoring, missionary work, and church planting. In his first book “I Will Build My Church,” he lays out his vision for biblical church building based on his experience and deep study of the scripture. You can find and purchase the book on Amazon.